icm2re logo. icm2:re (I Changed My Mind Reviewing Everything) is an ongoing web column by Brunella Longo

This column deals with some aspects of change management processes experienced almost in any industry impacted by the digital revolution: how to select, create, gather, manage, interpret, share data and information either because of internal and usually incremental scope - such learning, educational and re-engineering processes - or because of external forces, like mergers and acquisitions, restructuring goals, new regulations or disruptive technologies.

The title - I Changed My Mind Reviewing Everything - is a tribute to authors and scientists from different disciplinary fields that have illuminated my understanding of intentional change and decision making processes during the last thirty years, explaining how we think - or how we think about the way we think. The logo is a bit of a divertissement, from the latin divertere that means turn in separate ways.

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volume 10 | 2021 | 10th Anniversary and Final Year

10.12 | December 2021 Goodbye and good luck!

A sweet farewell from the icm2re chair

10.11 | November 2021 Gangsters in your pocket

About change in the information security sector

10.10 | October 2021 Data sciences in a jam

Notes on an unfinished journey

10.9 | September 2021 Digital Humanities: a long time coming?

About a millenary change in education

10.8 | August 2021 The valley of deletion

About innovation policies and cancel culture

10.7 | July 2021 Water in the net

Climate change and the clock metaphor

10.6 | June 2021 What hath God wrought?

About the need of legislation on social media

10.5 | May 2021 Brace brace: there are no pilots for the infosphere!

About theories, or philosophies, of information

10.4 | April 2021 A missing discipline for the world of data?

About the sad story of HCI, user experience or information interaction design

10.3 | March 2021 Knowledge governance saves lives

About the double nature of data

10.2 | February 2021 Linked up and pitfalls down

On the creation of databases

10.1 | January 2021 The years ahead

About choosing and changing our data future

volume 9 | 2020

9.12 | December 2020 Standards for life

A guess on the legacy of the Covid-19 pandemic

9.11 | November 2020 Exit strategies for the cul-de-sac of the cookie

About a new dawn for digital advertising standards

9.10 | October 2020 Narratives that stink

Another look at public engagement with science

9.9 | September 2020 Aloof from the bickering, close to the core

About changing bubbles or remaining friends during the pandemic

9.8 | August 2020 The vicious circles of human and artificial intelligence

One more thing about internal and external sources

9.7 | July 2020 The poetics of technical objects

About the demise, or reinvention, of business intelligence

9.6 | June 2020 What is interesting keeps changing

In search of excellence during and after the pandemic

9.5 | May 2020 Longing for a Walkman effect

About the ebooks unhappened revolution

9.4 | April 2020 Good is something you do

About the case for new public policies for cycling

9.3 | March 2020 Take a sad song and make it better

How to start the design of fair change management processes

9.2 | February 2020 Summits lost in vapour

About content innovations in the media sector

9.1 | January 2020 All change, all change - for brevity!

About how good is "good enough" interdisciplinarity

volume 8 | 2019

8.12 | December 2019 The digital ethics jigsaw - or is it just a blob?

A second look at the digital slavery issue with six rules of self-defence

8.11 | November 2019 A stitch in time saves nine

About the future of machine learning for micromanufacturing

8.10 | October 2019 Beyond the illusions of push

About the long wave of Information and Communication Technologies

8.9 | September 2019 Is there any ideal pace for innovations?

About the grammar of change and the war on plastic

8.8 | August 2019 It is a system, not an organ. Part 3

Health literacy and change management in the treatment of autoimmune diseases

8.7 | July 2019 It is a system, not an organ. Part 2

Health literacy and change management in the treatment of autoimmune diseases

8.6 | June 2019 It is a system, not an organ. Part 1

Health literacy and change management in the treatment of autoimmune diseases

8.5 | May 2019 Warm changes and cold showers

About Brexit for the EU nationals living in the UK

8.4 | April 2019 Mother Courage and the shotguns of cybercrime

What can be learned from Brecht's dramaturgy

8.3 | March 2019 Are all our thoughts just gambles or predictions?

About the unfinished story of knowledge management standards

8.2 | February 2019 The hole in the gap

Another look at the narrative of the gender pay difference

8.1 | January 2019 It's the business model, stupid!

About the invention of digital slavery

Milestones from the archive

7.11 | November 2018 Notes on universal discredit

Isabelle's journey through the roll-out of UC for the self employed

7.1 | January 2018Look for money in the world, not in the journals

About the business model for online contents

6.12 | December 2017 If this is a landlord

About public consultations and the home buying and selling process in 21st Century Britain

5.12 | December 2016 Is success in the connections you make?

Temporary conclusions on governance of relationships

4.11 | November 2015 Personas in search of an author and the ecstasy of agile requirements

About the tipping point question for digital designers

3.3 | March 2014 Watch that change that changes anything!

About managing interdependencies through a collaborative scheduling policy

2.4 | October 2013 Are you really sure you've got two ideas?

About the illusion of gaining insights and ideas just sharing access to information

1.2 | December 2012 Britishness for professionals

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